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Ethnography of Selected Weeds of Telugu Speaking Land of India

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Published: 2024-04-16
Category: Nowe wydanie
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Ethnobotanical studies in concrete and abstract form with special reference to philology and the etymology of vernacular names are the clues to the cure for many of the diseases. Vernacular names are the key to folk taxonomy which will give hint on many hidden secrets of traditional knowledge. They are the treasure of indigenous knowledge. This book is the result of extensive ethnobotanical explorations conducted more than a decade and is a sincere attempt on classical ethnobotany which is a multi disciplinary study of use of plants in material and abstract form among ethnic communities or races. The main discipline of classical ethnography is the study of ethnic communities or natives of the area, linguistics which include Etymology, Philology of local names and folk taxonomy, cultural and social utilisation in concrete form, and cultural and social association in abstract form. The main theme of the book is the scientific study of the relationship between people and plants. Hence the study is known as anthropological or ethno graphical or folk Botany.

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