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The Mind as a Sensory Organ: Space-Time as an illusion: Insights and Wisdom from Classical and Contemporary Literary works

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Published: 2022-01-01
Category: Filozofia
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In this short paper, the author seek to explore what the mind is, by drawing insights and wisdom from various classical and contemporary literary works ranging from the “Journey to the West” from the 16th century to “The Matrix” from the 20th century. I also seek to underscore the difference between the brain and the mind, and to consider the mind as a consciousness stream instead of a distinct discrete entity and that our existence is a function of a series of nuanced programming of our mindstreams through various emotions including “Greed”, “Aversion” and “Ignorance”. An audacious claim that space and time are illusory concepts shaped by the mind which in turn exists due to a fallacious albeit highly entrenched and dogmatic subscription to the “self”. A case for the dual-aspect theory of monism is proposed, that this mind and body are manifestations from one “entity or field” known as the Alaya consciousness (the 8th consciousness) using the Yogacara or Consciousness-only model from the Buddhist tradition. I also propose the treatment of our minds as a non-material sensory organ on top of the five existing physical ones which suggests the possibility that there may be other ways of accessing our memories aside from the physical brain, thus explaining some of the medically documented phenomenon such as terminal lucidity.

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