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Malaria Demographics and Associations in Humanitarian Emergencies

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Published: 2024-04-15
Category: Nowe wydanie
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Global elimination of malaria by 2050 stands a first track priority goal of the WHO. A proper appreciation and understanding of its transmission dynamics, distribution, species identity of infecting and vectorial agents, infested areas, and population at risk appears integral to planning and executing effective anti-malaria interventions. The malaria combatting efforts either local, national, regional, or global should transcend geography, territory, and culture- in peace time or humanitarian emergency situations of the population at risk. The formulation, integration, transfer, and sharing of the experiences, knowledge, and skills in fighting malaria anywhere can end in with guarantying a sustained malaria free world. Accordingly, this thesis turned book reports on the demographics and associations in malaria transmission in the world’s largest refugee setting- the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh in 2017-2020 against some basic epidemiological viewpoints. The study is a prospective malaria screening survey, first ever to closely monitor malaria exposure (risks)-outcomes in a hard to reach trans-border area inflicted with refugee led emergencies between two endemic countries- Myanmar and Bangladesh. It also documents various malaria incidence models and knowledge in malaria outbreak in populations under extra ordinary situation with especial reference to that in Bangladesh. This study then stands as a novel approach to investigating the malaria trends and patterns in a migrated new population from one endemic area to another in humanitarian emergencies. Upon exploration, the readers will meet an information base unfolding some unique and interesting points in malaria transmission in a hilly and forested area under the extra ordinary complex situation to complement anti-malarial campaigns in Bangladesh and similar settings on earth.  

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