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Applying the Study of Matthew 5:38-39 to the Context of Post-war Acholi People in Gulu District

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Published: 2021-06-14
Category: Religion
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This research of applying the study of Matthew 5:38-39 to the context of post-war Acholi people in Gulu district was motivated by increased violence amongst the Acholi people in Gulu district which is alarming despite the several traditional reconciliation efforts that have been applied in the context as discussed in chapter three. The method used for collecting data was through reading and critical analysis of several literature that are related to the topic as discussed in chapter one under methodology of the research and for the exegetical study of Matthew 5:38-39, biblical interpretation methodologies of historical and literal criticism were used to get what the text meant to the original audience. The researcher argued that the Acholi’s people in post-war context in Gulu district should integrate the non-violence approach to conflict resolution as elucidated in Matthew 5:38-39;First and foremost, they should release the perpetrators from their minds and hearts under the compulsion of Jesus’ gracious love (Matthew 5:38a), secondly, they should accept to reconcile with their perpetrators without compensation (Matthew 5:38b), thirdly, they should not retaliate (Matthew 5:39a) and finally, they should emulate the victim-driven approach to reconciliation elucidated in Matthew 5:39c. This will then lead to an effective reconciliation and sustainable peace to be realized in the context.

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