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The Roman Catholic Church Theology of Marriage Revisited: An Africanist Perspective

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Published: 2022-11-09
Category: Religion
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Based on the ethnography of four ethnic groups in Botswana (Southern Africa), this book interrogates the principal tenets of the post-Vatican II Catholic theology of marriage. The current Roman Church theology of marriage is limited in many ways. Consequently, it needs urgent revision. For the Roman Catholic Church to be genuinely universal, it must incorporate and reflect within its dogma, liturgy and canon benign African cultural experiences of and encounters with God. In this book, Leslie Nthoi draws heavily from his Kalanga cultural background, the vast experiences accumulated during the many years of his participation and observations of Bakalanga and Sotho-Tswana cultural marriages. The book reflects his Catholic faith, training in theology and religious studies, and the anthropology of African indigenous religions.

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