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Convergence of Natural Language Processing, IOT Technology and COVID-19 Pandemic for new Startups: Temple Bell

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Published: 2021-12-21
Category: Science
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This book provides a glimpse on speakers who know only their mother tongue for communication which has lead to the evolution of code switching concept. It is used to shift from one language to another within a single utterance. In patterns of code switching, an embedded system is combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a specific task. Patterns of code-switching can be characterized as 1.alternations, 2. insertions and 3. congruent lexicalisations. This embedded system can be effectively used in Covid-19 pandemic situation for various applications such as ringing the bell without touching, student attendance, maintain daily movement register and so on. This book also includes the fundamental data regarding the code change techniques where sensors are deployed or embedded with a physical bell of the temple. The sensors are deployed with the trained data for recognizing different code switching languages i.e. English, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu. This is particularly used to implement in southern part of India and later can be extended throughout the globe for any language..

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