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Coșul este gol


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Published: 2024-02-05
Category: Environmental Studies
Category Management
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This book aims to examine green, sustainable economic activities that use organic fertilizers to produce agricultural products like fisheries and plantations with a 40% increase in production, then investments in warehousing, grain milling, and harbors in one agricultural industrial area. The primary objective of this book is to determine whether or not these activities create a sustainable green economy. The research focuses specifically on a single agricultural and industrial region. An increase in agricultural production can provide individuals with higher economic growth and welfare that is comparable to or even greater than what they would receive from an increase in agricultural production, according to the findings. This is because attaining an increase in agricultural production through the utilization of environmentally friendly economic activities can facilitate this. There is a direct involvement of the researcher in the process of confirming the research hypothesis, which is why the research method that is utilized is referred to as the Scientific Research Method. In the form of a hypothesis, the objective of this study methodology is to ascertain the nature of the connection that exists between the application of organic fertilisers and increased produce yields in agricultural production. The implications of the findings of the study that is being carried out on food security in the green economy would drive an increase in the quality of competence of human resources. The research is being carried out. Because farmers work together to carry out their tasks in a manner that is both honest and honorable, this is something that can be witnessed as a result of their cooperation. simultaneously with shared responsibility for the conservation of the natural world

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