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Vehicle Systems from an Artificial Intelligence Perspective: Testing & Use Cases

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Published: 2022-11-11
Category: Technology and Engineering
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This book is devoted to various forms of autonomous driving (AD) that will drastically transform the transportation of people and goods and enable urban areas to be redesigned, creating more livable and enjoyable spaces, thus meeting several demands simultaneously. Artificial intelligence (AI) takes a prominent position among the technological contributions making automated and connected driving safe, comfortable, efficient, and affordable. AI has found applications in various domains, from safety systems and simulation to monitoring the status of the driver and passengers. Some of these innovative aspects are discussed in this work.
The as-yet unresolved technical challenges and constant endeavours  around the world to advance this exciting technology have motivated the creation of this book. The book is structured into eight consequential chapters. It highlights the importance of control engineering, recent advances in environment sensing and perception, in-vehicle architectures, and reliable power computing as well as active and functional safety in AD. There is also a strong focus on validating and testing AD functions. The work concludes with a sample of relevant industry-driven research projects and industrial initiatives.


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