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The Backwash in Law

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Published: 2021-12-27
Category: Prawo
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Law is like water and it change colour, taste and nature according to the soil where it moves. Therefore in every era law is not being the same as it was in previous times. Wherever the lawyer goes the field of interpretation being subject to cultivation. And moreover he may add his own flavour in to the law as like in his own foodstuff. The book named “The Backwash in Law “is my second book after 2014. In 2014 I published the book named “An Introduction to Jurisprudence”. In this present book I could not restricted to my writing about in a specific topic or law, this book is represent the recent issues which may not be sorted out in completely and open for the development and for transformation. This Present book is the highlights about present burning topics and issues relating to law, the objective to write was to understand the very oceanic nature of law. I have very little to understand each and every corner of law. I am indebted to each and every person of my life, especially critics associated around me. They provide me with the energy to do something. 

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