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From Linear to Circular Economy: Practical Solutions from West Africa

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Published: 2024-03-27
Category: Nowe wydanie
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From linear to circular economy, there is need of a paradigm shift in the product economy regarding the curtailing of environmental impact and waste of resources through increased efficiency at all stages. The quest for sustainable development, clean environment and resources recovery has led to the emergence of circular economy as a viable better choice than our current linear economy. Without mincing words, waste is a product of our society, and understanding how to manage massive waste sustainably has always been a major challenge. Two approaches that come handy are minimization of waste produced and recycling of waste materials, which still leave us with lots of undesirable end products to take care of. In circular economy, better solutions than common landfills are proffered to unlock the potentials in waste. With circular economy, waste is now seen as a valuable resource and not an undesirable end product of society. It makes waste to be used as an input material for the creation of valuable products as new outputs. For this to be successful, all hands must be on deck and all stakeholders actively involved. There must be seamless synergy in the products, infrastructure, equipment and services sections in relations to every sectors, with the conventional waste managers rightly supported to take the driver’s seat.  Enabling environment and policies that would enhance the sustainability of waste through circular economy are also required.    

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