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Dangerous Harvest: The Environmental Perils of  ​​​​​​​Cassava Processing

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Published: 2024-04-04
Category: Nowe wydanie
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"Dangerous Harvest: The Environmental Perils of Cassava Processing. In Nigeria, cassava stands as a staple food, providing sustenance to millions. However, behind its nutritional benefits lies a hidden threat to the environment. Cassava processing, essential for producing popular products like garri and fufu, yields not just sustenance but also toxic byproducts. The detoxification process required before human consumption generates copious effluent and solid waste, much of which finds its way into the soil. The ramifications are dire. Hydrocyanic acid and cyanogenic glycosides, present in the peel and effluent, pose toxic and acidic risks to soil health. The disposal of cassava effluents becomes a burgeoning concern, compounded by the presence of heavy metals and solids within the waste. 'Assessing the Environmental Impact of Cassava Processing' delves into the heart of this issue. Through meticulous research in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, this study evaluates the physiochemical and heavy metal effects of cassava mill effluent on soil characteristics. From increased cyanide content to altered pH levels and heavy metal accumulation, the findings paint a stark picture of environmental degradation. Iron emerges as a dominant heavy metal, its presence overshadowing other contaminants. This book is a wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable practices in cassava processing. It underscores the imperative of treating cassava effluents as hazardous waste, urging policymakers and stakeholders to address this environmental crisis before irreversible damage occurs."

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