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Advances in Physics and Astronomy

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Published: 2024-04-04
Category: Nowe wydanie
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This book is intended to provide a summary of the latest research results in the field of Physics and Astronomy. In addition to scientists, school children should also be made familiar with such findings at an early age. Based on the article "Calculation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter" the article "Commentary about Calculation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter" emerged. Nobody knows what Dark Energy is. It is thought to be responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe. Since considerations have been made; however, they have not yet produced fruitful results to date. In particular, it was not possible to carry out an exact calculation of the Dark Energy. With the present approach, this goal has probably keen achieved. The result is tested on the basis of the available data from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. Further formulas are deducted. The Dark Matter of the cosmos is calculated. A balance sheet is drawn up. Conclusions are drawn. The Foundation of a Dark Energy Theory is laid. The theoretical result is confronted with the numerical value calculated from the available data. Excellent matching of numerical values resulting in three independent paths makes the approach plausible. The work at hand is analogous to Kepler's laws of planetary orbits. Only Isaac Newton put Kepler's laws on a theoretical basis, which is provided here by Thomas Görnitz. The empirical Balmer formula for the frequencies of the spectral lines in the arc spectrum of hydrogen atom was also theoretical justified by Niels Bohr, who calculated the energy levels of the hydrogen atom and the frequencies of spectral lines.

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