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Understanding High TB/HIV Mortality Through Death Audits; Perspective From, Siaya County, Kenya, Africa

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Published: 2023-01-01
Category: Health Care, Medicine
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BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top ten causes of death and the leading cause of death among infectious diseases globally. Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are a dangerous couple in sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya is among the top 30 high burden countries, contributing to approximately 85% of TB incidence globally. In 2015, the Kenya Ministry of Health notified 81,518 TB cases, Siaya County is among the top 10 high TB burden counties in Kenya out of the 47 Counties. This study investigated the common causes of TB/HIV mortalities in Siaya County. The aim of this paper was to understanding the high TB/HIV mortality in Siatya County in Kenya, through death audits. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted through the analysis of tuberculosis patients' data who died while on tuberculosis treatment from January to December 2020. TB-HIV co-infection death cases were identified from secondary data in TIBU system and was analyzed. RESULTS: Data of 2257 total TB patients were noted in 2020 TB registers, among them 240 deaths occurred in and 162 of the deaths were HIV/TB Co infected (67.5%). Out of the 162 TB/HIV co infected cases 96 were Male (59%), 8 Cases were involved in RTA(5%) 3 had Hypertension(1.9%) 1 had Kaposis Sarcoma(1%) 18 had Cryptococcal meningitis (11%),103 had malnutrition(63.5%), 8 had Ca Esophagus(4.9%), 10 had severe anemia(6.1%),2  Ca Cervix (1.2%),9 had Covid 19 (5.5%). These results were presented in form of graphs and tables. CONCLUSION: TB-HIV/AIDS co-infection is high among the deaths, especially in patients with mulnutrition and TB. We have to pay a particular attention on the impact of mulnutrition and HIV on the death of tuberculosis pat

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