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Krishi Updates: Digital Agriculture Model

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Published: 2024-04-11
Category: Nowe wydanie
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Adequate, timely and region specific information is an important input for sustainable and profitable agriculture. Krishi Updates is providing digital extension services to the farmers, facilitating communication and outreach activities and organising need-based trainings. Information sources are very vast, and farmers are unable to segregate the information that is most suitable for them. Krishi Updates aims to fill this void by providing region-specific and research backed information to the farmers. The present study revealed that majority of farmers were satisfied with the present model of information dissemination by Krishi Updates and found posting content on social media (Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn), followed by sharing in community of practice (CoP) as a most effective and suitable method of information dissemination. Use of ICTs facilitates the effectiveness of conventional extension services, but cannot replace it completely. Digital Agriculture models like Krishi Updates can prove a great asset to provide ICT support to agriculture extension and marketing, promoting collective farming and in making such entities viable and sustainable. During the study, ninety percent (90%) of the farmers agreed to recommend Krishi updates to other fellow farmers, to bring a positive change in their communities.

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