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Harvesting Connections

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Published: 2024-05-10
Category: Nowe wydanie
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This book unveils the outcomes of an extensive context analysis conducted within the LAB4SUPPLY project, spanning various value chains across Spain, France, Morocco, and Algeria. Delving into products like tomatoes, chestnuts, figs, and goat's milk, it sheds light on the intricate dynamics and stakeholder roles within each chain. The primary objective is to grasp the current landscape of these chains, discerning stakeholder preferences, challenges, and opportunities. By dissecting distribution channels and stakeholder sentiments, valuable insights are amassed to steer the project's trajectory. Diverse findings pave the way for tailored conclusions and recommendations, addressing specific challenges while seeking common ground—particularly regarding the plight of farmers facing unfair pricing. Looking ahead, LAB4SUPPLY sets its sights on a multi-agent platform and a Decision Support System tool. Armed with contextual insights, the project aims to foster stakeholder collaboration, improve product quality, and empower smallholders along the supply chain. Furthermore, the project aims to quantify sustainability indicators for each chain, culminating in comprehensive impact indexes. This involves expert evaluation and stakeholder input, employing methodologies like the Analytical Hierarchy Process for thorough assessment and refinement.  

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