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The Benefits of Using Modern Teaching Methods Over Traditional Teaching Methods in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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Published: 2022-11-09
Category: Edukacja
Category Studia języków obcych
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This book focuses on the importance of teaching English as a second language, which methods lo apply or how can we combine the traditional leaching methods and modern teaching methods. More precisely, the book will investigate the role or past, present and future ways or teaching English as a bridge for overcoming any possible difficulties or unpleasant situations while teaching English as a second language takes place. First, this book will state the importance of learning English language, how do people learn and ways of learning, what is traditional teaching and what is modern teaching, pros and cons of each in general. Also, two instruments are used: a questionnaire, an interview and a case study with age 4-6 and age 10-15. Therefore, the book will show new methods or teaching, the role of the play in learning the language, what methodology has been used and is being used etc. It wiII show a two-phase research design. 

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