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Devotion to the Lord's Name: A Catalyst for Social Justice ​​​​​​​and Harmony

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Published: 2024-02-07
Category: Religion
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I am intoxicated with love: why should I be conscious of forms? I crave freedom from this world, what attachment have I to the world? They who are separated from their Beloved wander aimlessly from door to door: My friend dwells within me, there is no waiting for me anymore ! The entire creation doth crackle much of its head for Fame. For me, the Name of my Lord is True: what attachment have I to the world? Not for a moment the Beloved forsakes me: nor I can leave the Dear one. I am in love with Him: There is no restlessness for me. Intoxicated with love, dispel thou the duality from thy heart. Delicate is the path thou hast to tread; why carry a heavy burden on the head? So says Kabir Das.

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