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Global and Planet Development Models: Theories, Models, Evaluation, and Vision

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Published: 2023-10-25
Category: Mathematics
Category Science
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The transformation of Global development models from Industrialization, Technocratic, Scientific, Information to Economic and Free trade models. Theories of development explore reasons for poor countries poor and strategies for development.  Many thinkers, economists, philosophers, scientists are unable to confirm the best models for global development. Hence, this paper analyzing models, theories, and rationales to find global and planet development models. The 6 development models; speedy industrialization, modernization, technological innovation, complete employment & liberalization of society, economy & polity continuously. 4 major development theories: dependency, world-systems, modernization, globalization. 4 Economic theories; supply side economics, new classical economics, monetarism, Keynesian economics. Theories of development origin from modernist model, dependency model, and post development model. Neoliberalism philosophy is for path of development is free trade, less government interference and fewer restrictions. The models of international organizations adopted for Global development are TNC’s western capitalist-industrialist development model, WTO facilitating free trade, World Bank funds development in poor countries, IMF- Global Sustainable Economic growth and stability Model, UNO-Worldwide Cooperation and Coordination Model to solve international economic, social, environmental problems. The man journey to planets due to abundant economic resources floating up in space. Mars's colonization interest is because of its similarities to Earth. The Moon industrialization is presence of building materials, water, fuel, oxygen and other useful resources. The results show Planet development model as Planet Agriculture Model-----Space Economy model---- Colonization of Mars and Industrialization of Moon--- UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, TNC’s should use the prophecy of “Think Universally and Act regionally and locally”. 

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