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Navigation Support for the Process of Managing the Maneuvering of a Sea Vessel

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Published: 2024-01-04
Category: Technology and Engineering
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The work presents the classification of maneuvering characteristics and basic definitions, braking and cornering parameters and methods of their determination and data presentation in the form of parameter tables. Considered test maneuvers for determining the parameters of the characteristics and information provision of the maneuvering process. The method of planning the coordinates of movement for curvilinear segments of the path by the method of segments and perpendiculars according to the coordinates of the waypoints was developed. A technique for choosing a maneuver for divergence under normal sailing conditions and during excessive approach using the last-moment maneuver law is proposed. The algorithm of the inverse method of planning the trajectory of maneuvering at anchoring and the scenario method of high-precision planning of the ship's entry/exit from the port by trajectory points are proposed. A mathematical model of the system of operational high-precision control of maneuvering parameters and the development of ways to increase safe swimming in compressed waters have been developed.

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