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Anatoliy Sidorovitch Maltsev

Maltsev Anatoly Sidorovich, born on August 19, 1937 in the village of Yampol, Katerinopol district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine.
In 1958 he graduated from the Odessa Naval School with a degree in navigation. 1958 – 1961 assistant captain of the Antarctic whaling fleet.
1961 – 1966 studied at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, majoring in radio engineering.
1966-1969 Teacher of navigational disciplines at the nautical school.
1969 – 1985 Mate, captain on Antarctic fishing vessels.
From 1985 to the present, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Ship Control at the National University of Odessa Maritime Academy.
1991-2021 – head of the department of ship management. Experience as a captain for 8 years.
I am a sea captain, Doctor of Technical Sciences (2007), professor of the Department of Ship Control, member of the London Maritime Institute (1998), academician of the International Academy of Navigation and Traffic Control (2001), academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine (2007), excellent teacher of education in Ukraine
Practical experience as a mate and captain on ships for 24 years. Numerous studies of moorings at sea and in port have been carried out, on the basis of which a theory of maneuver planning has been developed.

  • Technology and Engineering


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