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Genocide: The Darkness of International Criminal Law

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Published: 2022-07-23
Category: Law
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This book illuminated the darkness that exists within the convention for the prevention and punishment of genocide that is dangerously weakening international criminal law. The author depicted the gap existing in the legal meaning of this international crime “genocide”, by analyzing the definition of the terms composing the word “geno-cide” through the recent conflicts observed in the world with regard to the nature of the commission of that crime. This book emphasized further that in addition to the conduct of the alleged perpetrators, there is a necessity to identify the psychological element of perpetrators in the commission of that crime. Otherwise, it is found that even though there is potentially commission of crimes of genocide today, it would be difficult to hold substantially the alleged perpetrators accountable under international criminal law. Because the strategies used by these criminals ruled out the classification of that crime within international criminal justice. 

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