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EDTA Derivatives and Analogous Compounds in Pharmaceutical Analysis

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Published: 2023-12-08
Category: Chemistry
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The book titled "EDTA Derivatives and Analogous Compounds in Pharmaceutical Analysis" delves into the multifaceted applications of EDTA and its derivatives in the realm of pharmaceutical analysis. Authored with a meticulous academic approach, the book navigates through diverse methodologies and techniques employed in pharmaceutical research, offering a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. The content of the book covers a spectrum of applications, from the quantification of metal ions in pharmaceutical formulations to the intricate processes involved in standardization and calibration. The intricacies of chelation reactions between EDTA and metal ions are meticulously elucidated, providing a foundational understanding for analytical chemists and pharmaceutical researchers. In addition to discussing conventional applications, the book delves into novel uses of EDTA in various pharmacopoeias, showcasing its versatility beyond standard practices. Examples include its role in buffering solutions for DNA storage and separation, highlighting the compound's relevance in modern biotechnological applications. Furthermore, the book explores the chemical structures of EDTA and its analogs in two and three dimensions, providing readers with visual aids to enhance comprehension. It also delves into related compounds like Trilon B, DTPA, EGTA, HDTA, and PDTA, offering a holistic view of the chemical landscape within the pharmaceutical analytical domain. With the concerted collaboration of the authors, the book entitled "EDTA Derivatives and Analogous Compounds in Pharmaceutical Analysis" diligently establishes connections between theoretical foundations and practical applications. The comprehensive coverage of both theoretical underpinnings and applied methodologies ensures that the content serves a broad audience, providing valuable insights for those seeking foundational knowledge as well as seasoned researchers aspiring to delve into advanced applications in the field of pharmaceutical analysis.  

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