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The Results & Effects of the American Invasion of Iraq

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Published: 2020-04-30
Category: Political Science
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This book involved four chapters, conversed about the effects of the American invasion of Iraq and the American ambitions, International Ambitions in Iraq, The Arab Gulf formed a site and wealth of the colonial states, as a strategic location and the oil with other wealth it possesses the saliva of European countries. The Portuguese began in the modern era to control this vital outlet to protect their interests in India, then the Dutch, French and British followed, and most recently the United States. It is illogical to say that I was able to fully understand the topic completely, because this thorny issue requires full travel to study it. Also in this book, I have used many sources to support my studies, while I have divided my studies into investigations, in which the study examined the strategic location of the Arabian Gulf as it is located at the crossroads of global transportation, and then touched on the colonial ambitions that dealt with the occupation of the Gulf and its countries. Then examined what we are studying about the oil concessions of the United States in the Persian Gulf. The Impact of the American Invasion on the Iraqi Environment. The Impact of The American Invasion on Health in Iraq. Chemical weapons pollution during wars. The Impact of the American Invasion on the Iraqi Environment. The impact of wars on human resources. The effect of wars on water resources. The results of the American war on Iraq. Sectarianism and terrorism spread after the war in Iraq. Destruction of infrastructure due to war. Justifications for the American war on Iraq.  

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