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Advanced Materials in Construction: Harnessing Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Fibers for Enhanced Building Performance

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Published: 2023-11-23
Category: Technology and Engineering
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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon fiber composites (CFC) have been studied as a reinforcement material for cementitious composites, with promising results. Incorporating CNTs into cement-based materials enhances the composites' mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, as cementitious materials have limited applications due to their strain capacity and less tensile strength. CNTs have high tensile strength and modulus, along with excellent electrical conductivity. These features make them ideal for construction materials. Using CNTs and CFCs in cement-based composites can improve the durability and sustainability of construction materials and provide new opportunities for advanced applications in the construction industry. The addition of CNTs to cement-based materials can improve mechanical performance, improve fire resistance and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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