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Pagtudlo 4.0: The Future of Learning

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Published: 2024-07-08
Category: New Release
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His appreciation of a fruitful teaching moment throughout his tenure as a teacher at multiple educational levels gave rise to this book. It is based on the author's actual experience working as a classroom teacher in all four categories. Despite his devotion to and indoctrination as an educator, he is growing in both intellect and spirituality to become an extensionist and researcher for the benefit of humanity. Certain skills are necessary to be a writer, and those pedagogies are the foundation of everything. Pagtudlo 4.0 is the author's masterwork from his twenty-four years as a teacher; it is a tribute to his self as a devoted educator and the noblest career that forges a network of professionals that serves as civilization's backbone. This may be the reason the author, from the beginning of his experiential teaching profession to the present, is honest to himself in writing this book. The five Cs are highlighted in this Pagtudlo 4.0: (1) communication skills; (2) creative thinking; (3) teamwork; (4) critical thinking; and (5) cultural diversity. This book is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 contains three chapters: (1) ICT-based education, where the author demonstrates the value of coding and how to create computer-aided instructions independently; (2) Culture-based education, where the author decolonizes some lessons based on history, culture, customs, and social norms as the basis of the actual scenario of teaching and learning of every learner; and (3) Competency-based education, where performance-based assessments are the highest form of evaluation for every learner. All of this relates to Pagtudlo 4.0: The Future of Learning.

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