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Design, Development and Evaluation of Floating Matrix tablets of Tolperisone Hcl.

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Published: 2023-11-27
Category: Health Care, Medicine
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Every medication delivery system's objective is generally known to be to deliver a therapeutic dose of drug to the right location in the body without having any visible side effects. For many years, oral drug delivery systems have been the most widely used and clinically well-accepted method of drug administration because of its many benefits, including patient compliance, ease of administration, flexibility in formulation, etc. However, it must also meet a number of other crucial requirements, such as physical and chemical stability, the ability to be economically mass produced in a way that ensures the correct amount of drug in each and every dosage unit, as well as the ability to be manufactured in large quantities. In this article we will discuss about the floating Matrix systems which are current systems of drug delivery system and it's called also fdds. The main point in this article is Floating. Floating Matrix systems depand on the floating agents or polymer. The fact that a tablet may be specifically designed to satisfy these requirements explains why oral dosage forms have emerged. By controlling a drug's release in the body with a smaller and less frequent dose, the design of an oral controlled drug delivery system (DOD) should primarily aim to achieve more predictability and reproducibility to control the drug release, drug concentration in the target tissue, and optimization of a drug's therapeutic effect. The development of oral controlled release dosage forms has focused a lot of attention on the polymers that can control the release of medications. One such polymer is polymeric hydrogels, which, due to their high compatibility, are being investigated more and more for controlled release applications. Additionally, the ability of hydrogels to release an entrapped drug in aqueous medium and to regulate the release of such drug by control of swelling and by crisscross linking makes them particularly suitable for controlled release application. Drugs that are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, as well as modified solutes, can be released via hydrogels.  

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