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P2P Energy Market

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Published: 2024-07-09
Category: New Release
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In "P2P Energy Market: System Architecture", authors Purav Desai, Sanket Chaudhari, Rahul Adhao, and Jay Lohokare present a groundbreaking exploration of the future of energy distribution. As the world moves towards sustainable solutions, peer-to-peer (P2P) energy markets emerge as a revolutionary alternative to traditional centralized systems. This book delves into the complex architecture required to manage the vast amounts of data generated by smart meters and IoT devices, ensuring efficient and secure energy trading. The authors provide an in-depth analysis of a P2P energy market platform designed to address these challenges. They detail the implementation of a sophisticated rule engine that triggers events based on real-time data, along with robust security mechanisms to protect against False Data Injection Attacks (FDIA). Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies like InfluxDB, Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin, and Apache Cassandra, this platform offers scalable, efficient, and fault-tolerant solutions for modern energy markets. "P2P Energy Market: System Architecture" not only highlights the technical aspects of building such a platform but also emphasizes the socio-economic benefits of decentralized energy systems. By enabling individuals and communities to generate and trade their own renewable energy, P2P markets foster innovation, self-sufficiency, and a greener future. This book is an essential read for researchers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the transformative potential of P2P energy markets.

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