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Impact of Vulnerability Caused by Bushfire on the Life of Local Communities

 In the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in the east, the peasant communities of Munene and surrounding areas in the Tanganyika sector in the territory of Fizi, in South Kivu province, have observed with bitter regret that the fires caused by vegetation is an ancestral practice widely used in agriculture. But, beyond certain criteria, the utilitarian aspect of fires is replaced by harmful and damaging consequences for the environment. Among the impacts of uncontrolled fires involving the loss of plant resources, reducing its availability for human needs and the ecosystemic balance in the face of growing fire problems related to the disruption of climate change due to human activities causing floods, erosion, desertification, pollution. It is necessary to better understand the impact of fires related to erosions and plant biomass. This study aims to assess theimpact of fires on plant production and diversity. The study focuses on the herbaceous layer exposed to surface fire in protected areas. It shows that biomass is low in burned areas compared to areas excluded from fires. This participatory approach aims at information, awareness and, above all, support for planning.


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