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Highlights from Classical Arabic Poetry in English Translation: A Schematic Model

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Published: 2023-11-10
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This book deals with classical Arabic poetic culture in English translation from theoretical and applied perspectives. After schematically exploring theoretical issues in poetry translation through the discussion of authentic examples, it selectively presents verse excerpts ranging from pre-Islamic to present time. The purpose is to cover a diversity of themes in classical Arabic poetry, including love, wisdom, chivalry, philosophical, ascetic, panagyric, prideful, and satirical verse, among other topics. The focus is on motifs of universal relevance, which will hopefully contribute to enhancing intercultural communication and understanding. In order to bring out the impressive prosodic template of classical Arabic verse, the AABBCC...NN rhyme scheme is adopted, which reflects the unity and musicality of the two hemistichs in an Arabic verse. However, the adherence to this formal feature does not compromise the thematic element, which receives equal attention. This volume mainly targets two audiences. Firstly, it aims at the averagely educated, as well as the specialist, non-Arab reader who may be interested and/or specialized in the Arab culture in general and the Arabic poetic culture in particular. Secondly, it addresses translation specialists and translation students alike who can find ample theoretical and practical material they can use in researching as well as in translator training. 

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