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Low-Carbon Governance Environment and Carbon Emission Reduction  in China's Context

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Published: 2024-05-10
Category: New Release
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Low-carbon governance is a comprehensive concept that integrates multiple subjects and multiple initiatives. In order to separate the multi-agent uncertainty of low-carbon governance, the uncertainty index of low-carbon governance environment is constructed, and the improved analytic hierarchy process is used to evaluate the low-carbon governance environment in China. The dynamic panel model and PSTR transfer model are further constructed. The empirical findings demonstrate that as the uncertainty of the low-carbon governance environment shifts from a low-zone system to a high-zone system, the detrimental effects on the achievement of the dual aim of reducing carbon emissions become progressively stronger. The achievement of China's carbon emission reduction goals is hampered by the unclear low-carbon governance environment. While the stability of the technological innovation environment and the carbon trading mechanism are important factors in promoting carbon emission reduction targets.

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