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Regulatory Compliance in the Digital Age: Leveraging Legal Tech for Enhanced Governance

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Published: 2023-11-10
Category: Computer Science
Category Technology and Engineering
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This book advocates for the adoption of legal technology to enhance regulatory compliance in Nigeria. It adopts a doctrinal approach, elucidating key concepts such as regulatory compliance, the digital age, and legal technology. Subsequently, the paper delves into the significance of regulatory compliance in Nigeria, seeking to discern its implications for companies. Furthermore, the research meticulously evaluates the various ways legal technology can be effectively deployed by legal and compliance officers and regulators to enhance regulatory compliance within Nigeria. It delves into specific technological solutions, tools, and methodologies that can streamline processes, boost efficiency, and ensure adherence to complex regulatory frameworks. Additionally, the book diligently addresses the risks and drawbacks associated with the failure to incorporate technology into regulatory compliance within Nigeria. It explores potential challenges, such as resource inefficiency, increased compliance burdens, and diminished competitiveness, underscoring the importance of embracing technological advancements to stay at the forefront of regulatory compliance practices. Throughout the book, the findings amassed through diligent research and analysis are succinctly summarised, drawing attention to key insights and noteworthy revelations. Based on these findings, the book formulates practical and well-considered recommendations, providing guidance on effectively integrating legal technology into the regulatory compliance landscape of Nigeria. Ultimately, the book concludes with a comprehensive summary of its key points and highlights the significance of embracing legal technology to foster a more efficient, compliant, and investor-friendly business environment in Nigeria. By presenting a strong case for the adoption of legal technology, the book aims to inspire further discussions and action toward bolstering regulatory compliance in the digital age.  

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