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Human Activity Recognition using Wearable Sensors: An Introduction into how Deep Learning can aid Healthcare (Colour edition)

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Published: 2020-04-04
Category: Health Care, Medicine
Category Computer Science
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Technological advancements in healthcare can contribute unquestionably in reducing healthcare strains by ensuring clinicians, doctors and other medical staff operate and conduct their daily activities more efficiently in the hospital vicinity. Since the turn of the 21st century, Human Activity Recognition (HAR) has undergone significant research in the healthcare domain. HAR utilised with powerful technologies can benefit remote patient monitoring, the elderly, patients suffering from chronic illness and ambient assisted living. Human activity recognition has shown to be effective in benefiting clinicians in the treatment and remote monitoring of patients. This field is not only vital for diagnosis and treatment, but also an assessment of how likely a medical patient will fall ill or die from certain diseases or health problems. To show the great importance of activity recognition in the health sector, analytically driving an improvement in accuracy in classifying patients’ activities improves the relationship of patients and clinicians as well as reducing the possibility of a fatality. With Artificial Intelligence at the forefront of its revolutionary capabilities, a bright future is in store if we can implement it beneficially into our healthcare service. This book reveals how.

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