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Creating a Smart Home with Deep Learning and Internet of Things: Five Novel Applications

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Published: 2022-09-23
Category: Technology and Engineering
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This book describes five novel applications of deep learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology for making a smart home: (1) Using a deep learning algorithm, a smart wearable device is developed that can detect snoring sound and then apply vibration notification to snorer’s upper arm until the person sleeps on the side. (2) A novel smart canister system is developed that automatically measures the item quantities and generates a digital shopping list that are running low. Using the Internet, the shopping list can be accessed from any place with a smartphone. (3) An intelligent baby monitor device is developed that automatically detects: (a) whether the baby’s face was covered due to sleeping on the stomach; (b) whether the baby threw off the blanket from the body; (c) whether the baby was moving frequently; (d) whether the baby’s eyes were opened due to awakening - using deep learning and image processing algorithms. (4) An IoT connected physical mailbox is developed that automatically sends a notification to the smartphone whenever new mail arrives. (5) An autonomous temperature feedback microwave oven with real-time thermal imaging capability is developed. 

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