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Assessing the Attributes and Qualities Needed in the Orange Mobile Network Company in Sierra Leone

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Published: 2023-11-15
Category: Business and Economics
Category Management
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This Book is written with the specific purpose of trying to assess the Orange Mobile Network Company in Sierra Leone and put together a framework of points that can be used as a guide by both existing and aspiring Leaders to deal with the Leadership challenges that exist in their functional and professional roles of Leadership within the Orange Mobile Network Company framework. Research shows us that there are various methodologies and models propagated in the professional space which Leaders can refer to but the common thread that ties them all is the fact that they propose a particular approach while mostly remaining silent on the other approaches. While conducting the research it was observed that a few books and articles has been written on communication, but none has focuses on assessing Orange Mobile Network Company quality and attributes desirable Leadership  related to experts such as Kenneth Blanchard and John Adair do propose a more holistic approach to the subject and not any particular model as such. The thesis is divided into a few chapters and the first of the chapter‘s deals with trying to understand the topic of Leadership. It‘s an often repeated word but does everybody who uses it really understand what it entails and what the role that it plays in society is. People are regularly encouraged to step up and take charge and demonstrate their ability to handle the challenges that come their way but without being privy to how to do it or what it actually means. This chapter therefore discusses how it is, the ability to influence others positively to achieve a common goal within and outside the cycles of Orange. The second chapter deals with the styles of Leadership that one must acknowledge within the framework to make things easier for Leadership work within and outside of the Company. The terms that we hear generally such as autocratic or democratic are actually political in their origin. Therefore it is rather dangerous to suggest that a particular style or model is more correct than another or appropriate for all situations. This chapter puts together the generally accepted models or styles of leadership prevalent today with the objective. 

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