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Encounter Between Languages: The Shaping Power of Translation

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Author: Lin Zeng
Published: 2022-08-21
Category: Foreing language study
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Translation has been a “catalyst” that effected political and social change in different countries. Yet, by the same token, translation can also be manipulated to subvert the source text and the authority of the original author. While many studies focus on the aspect of translation that typically involves a stronger culture manipulating the text of a weaker culture, this book presents two studies that demonstrate this is not confined to any single culture, either strong or weak, nor to a certain period of time in history. By drawing examples from translations between Chinese and English/ Japanese in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, this book calls for more studies of translation from a strong culture into a weak or unstable culture. Such studies would provide further evidence for the postulate discussed herein, namely, that the shaping force of translation is an inherent feature of translation that includes but also goes beyond the strong-weak cultural paradigm.

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