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Impacts of Dwarfing Interstocks on Apple Quality and on the Transcription Level of Rootstocks and Scions

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Published: 2023-08-07
Category: Agriculture
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The application of apple dwarfing interstock is an important way to realize apple close planting in poor soil and cold area. In this book, the effects of dwarfing interstocks on the quality of apple, such as polyphenol, sugar and acid content, aroma and so on, were studied. The effects of dwarfing interstocks on scions and rootstocks were also studied at the transcriptome level. It was found that different dwarfing interstocks had different effects on apple fruit quality. For example, CX5 and MAC9 can improve the short branch rate. 75-9-5 had a significant dwarfing effect. Mac9 and CG4 could increase the polyphenol contents of apple cultivar Honeycrisp. MAC9 and SH38 significantly increased fruit coloration,SH38 and MD001 could increase the polyphenol content in the peel and flesh for cultivar Huahong. MD001 affected hexane and 4-pentene-1-acetate; MAC9 and SH3 affected octanoic acid-2-methyl butyl ester, hexyl butyrate, and 2-methyl-1-butanol, and CX5 and CG24 had a greater impact on isoamyl propionate and 1-pentene-3-ol. Finally, ‘SH38’ had the highest principal comprehensive score. SH38 and SH3 interstocks resulted in significantly increased apple VOC content.

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