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Inclusive Growth, Development and Marginalized People: Dimensions and Differentials of Kerala

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Published: 2020-04-11
Category: Business and Economics
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Growth is inclusive when it creates economic opportunities, along with equal access to them. The inclusive growth as a strategy of economic development, received attention owing to raising concern that the benefits of economic growth have not been equally shared. The great challenge before us is to address the constraints that excluded people from full participation in the growth and development activities. Therefore, most of the countries of the world both developed and underdeveloped have been adopting policies and strategies for ensuring the inclusion of marginalised and excluded in the economic activities.Kerala is a state in India, which has earned a commendable place on the World Development Map, due to its unique model of development (acclaimed as ‘Kerala Model of Development’). With its significant public policies, exemplary governance methods, Kerala has been able to build a vibrant and strong economy like the developed countries in the west. However, there is still doubt as to whether this development is complete and its results have distributed decently. Therefore, this book is a peek into the marginalized society in this unique development model. Obviously, this will give new insights to the scholars, who interested in inclusive growth and development.

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