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Contextualizing Language, Education, Literature & Culture in Globalizing Economy

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Published: 2020-09-23
Category: Education
Category Foreing language study
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Contextualizing Language, Education, Literature & Culture in Globalizing Economy deliberates on vital issues affecting culture, language and literature. It x-rays English and indigenous languages in the world and problems or challenges of using two unequal languages in communication which pile into significance. The highlight focuses on prospects, hopes and impediments in the future especially where English language has not been in healthy rivalry with Indigenous languages. In away then, the book erases the erroneous or cancerous impressions in the labor market where English language is tied to slavery or colonial mentality also oppose to discard English as a colonial product because the 21st century has continued to rely on the relevance of English language with gender inequality and violence which ought not to be. On a platform, it examines roles education, literature and individuals performed in the national polity. It also espouses Charles Okwelume’s Cultural Dynamics and M.J.C. Echeruo’s debate on African literature. This heightens on the peak of cultural polity which boils on language of literature and its prerequisites even if it is written in European or foreign languages. In summary, the title takes cognizance of existing literary, language, educational and cultural situations in/of the world to support modification and not reinventing or changing to new forms to avoid further tsunami in cultural splitting, upheaval or ‘somersault’.

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