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HR and Indonesian AI

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Published: 2023-11-24
Category: Computer Science
Category Management
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This e-Book is to collect of the difficulties associated with implementing management information systems in the post-industrial, post-Internet era 4.0, which affects every aspect of society and society's defenses. Also being revised as a result of these modifications are the laws protecting both individuals' and communities' personal information. This e-Book delves deeply into the link between the management information system and the expansion of industry 4.0 to determine the nature of the causal relationship between them. Listening to multiple perspectives and analyzing stated tales helps researchers arrive at viable solutions. The e-Book show the use of AI that is only moderately effective in management information systems is pervasive in many different areas of activity. This breakthrough will pave the way for AI to be developed that can effectively oversee human-run computer networks. The goal is to find the evolution of the usage of data analytics applications in the field of human resources, as well as the challenges of data analytics in crucial artificial intelligence in the industrial era 4.0 in Indonesia. The objective is to investigate the impossibility of replacing the intellect of humans with machine intelligence, an endeavor that is predicated on the similarity between machines and people in terms of their ability to handle large amounts of data.  The method that is being used for analytics is troubling method on a qualitative level due to the approach that is being taken. The findings, data analytics in the industrial era 4.0 can be conducted just as well by robots with very vast data memory as humans can do, in all aspects of human intelligence on weak Artificial Intelligence phase

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