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Tips on National Development: Language Use and National Anthem Adherence: Key to National Development

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Published: 2020-07-26
Category: Art
Category Foreing language study
Category Language arts and Disciplines
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This book has two parts: the first is on the semantic analysis of the Nigeria National Anthem and the second part is on the linguistic stylistics analysis of the use of language of food, nutrition and health together with their relationship to National development. These two works are related to national building. The two articles are educative to readers. They give update about things that are beneficial to the health of the citizenry of the nation. If the analysis on National Anthem is read and adhered to, the nation will be healed of leaders’ corruption that has eaten deep into bones and marrows of Nigeria, selfcenteredness, money laundering, injustice and insecurity that is affecting the great nation currently. Consequently, peace and justice will reign in the nation.

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