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Published: 2023-11-23
Category: Law
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Crime and systemic bank crimes are a major threat to Africa’s development. This realization holds that these crimes require proper responses from Africans as the effects are inescapable especially on banks. This book explores and determines the different bank crimes across Africa with an attempt to interrogate and address crimes in proper legal perspective. It completely investigates and chronicles the crimes across Africa’s banking industry and the challenges faced by Africans as a result of systemic banking crimes. As observed, a larger scale of Africa’s banking growth is seriously affected by growing bank crimes across the continent. For this purpose, our reflection on bank crimes has established the relevance of banks to Africa’s development with the underpinned ideology that crimes create development problems across Africa which further undermines Africa’s development. Across Africa, huge financial cost is recorded in billions through criminal transactions as revealed by African banks. The different crimes provide an understanding of the economic consequences to Africa with an understanding of the law on the specific subject and the application of the law. Notably, this book on on crimes in Africa’s banking industry is predicated on the need to eradicate banking criminalities within banking operations across Africa. This riveting book gives an in-depth study of bank crimes in Africa and reveal that bank crime in their manner whether internal or external have traces of financial loses. It is important to note and state that these crimes are not limited to Africa because some are perpetrated on a global and intercontinental scale depending on the facts. These crimes do not only challenge growth, bank crimes affect profitability and derail the progress of several African countries. Besides, this book contends that a combination of bank crimes creates internal bank problems resulting to service problems, management crisis and development challenges. It should be understood that, these crimes are examined alongside their divergent legal perspectives and the consequences of such crimes when not minimized.

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