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Development of Kifilideen (Power of Base 11), Antikifilideen (Antipower of Base 11) and Other Tables

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Published: 2020-05-05
Category: Mathematics
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Mathematics should be dynamic not static. The use of logarithm table which is based on power of base ten to solve mathematical problem has been in existence for nearly 400 years ago without any alternative which makes mathematics look static, austere and monotonous. Some real life mathematical problem encounter on daily basis in field of Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Accounting involve problem on other base power of number and in addition with power of base ten. There is need to find alternative way to solve mathematical problems using other means and working on the power encounter directly. This study developed and applied kifilideen (power of base 11) and Antikifilideen (Antipower of base 11) tables to solve mathematical problems which involve power of base number. The novel method also utilized the power and ability of 11 which its power can be expanded without using calculator.

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