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Circle 45 /7 Theory Research Book

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Published: 2023-10-25
Category: Mathematics
Category Computer Science
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Circle 45 /7 is angle source (equal, angle 45 arc symmetric) circle, angle remains constant for all heights along x-axis (or y-axis). It is not ratio function originating circle instead constants circle 45 /7. It is new and has great application scope in all fields of (circle) geometry including micro and mega physics for real and comparative radial distance measurements and analysis between objects. Circle 45 /7 is accurate in its angle source and constant philosophy.  Octet 45 /7 is Circle 45 /7 derivative and is computation smart octet circle, it is a simple constants calculation and calculate approximate circle boundary region in straight arc edges. Book explains circle geometry solution using  1. Angle height constants and distance formula,  2. Axis resolution method from 0-90 or 90-0 degree axis with heigh7 and distance formula. 3. Octet 45 /7 Arc Edges Book contains link to sample data reference for circle drawing analysis.

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