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The Wingate Anaerobic Test

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Published: 2020-11-17
Category: Health and Fitness
Category Sports and Recreation
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The Wingate Anaerobic Test was designed more than 30 years ago and is one of the reference tests for making assessments related to ATP/PCr and Glycolytic metabolisms. The test consists of a 30-second all out test performed on a cyclo-ergometer. Perhaps due to the evolution of the cyclo-ergometers used to carry out the test, or because it was initially designed with a sedentary population and has been used equally by sportsmen and women of all levels and ages, the original protocol has undergone some variations. Some research even shows the importance of modifying this initial protocol depending on what we want to assess and the population we are analyzing. The objective of this book is to make the test protocol well known, what it aims to measure and its characteristics, but above all to serve as an aid for its correct application, taking into account all the variables that can influence the results of the test.

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