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Missionary Education in Sri Lanka and Educational Impact

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Published: 2023-11-10
Category: Education
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This book is the outcome of a study on schools which were previously governed by the Christian mission agencies that came to Sri Lanka or then Ceylon. Literature and legend suggests that the missionaries tired greatly in their effort in establishing educational institutions. The work of the missionaries who were led by their faith and the work of the administration led by their attention towards more commercial activities must be distinguished in this aspect and forms a crux of of the book as well.  The mission school was a significant break away from the already established educational setup in the country and the educational set up that was proposed by the mission agencies made a significant mark on the country which has its traces even in the modern day. The Portuguese and the Dutch were involved in this ministry as well yet the under the British,  mission schooling achieved a significant status. Among the prominent the Wesleyan missionaries who started the first schools, the Anglicans the Baptists and the American Ceylon Mission must be highlighted. The work in Education of the western powers is a highly debatable topic with several negatives that have been levelled against them based on their philosophy and content of schooling. This work while paying due respect to these points attempts to streamline the main impacts the missionaries made with regard to education in a time where everything was quite different to what we experience today. While not been the final word on the subject by any means, it is hoped that further study and exploration into this field would be undertaken by the many yielding into the vision and mindset of women and men in education.

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