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Application of Nano-Aluminum and Aluminum Hydride as Active Additives in Fuel: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Reveals Ignition and Combustion Mechanism

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Published: 2022-11-11
Category: Science
Category Technology and Engineering
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It is an effective way to increase energy release by adding reactive metal and hydride powder to fuel system. Highly active metals and their hydrides have been widely used in propulsion, aerospace, explosives, fuels and other energy fields. Aluminum and aluminum hydride are the most widely used active metal materials. Effects of reactive molecular dynamics aluminum or aluminum hydrides on a variety of typical high energy fuels. The influence mechanism of aluminum or aluminum hydride on the combustion process of high energy materials is studied from atomic point of view. The reaction kinetics revealed the combustion mechanism of nano-aluminum hydride in oxygen atmosphere and molten nano-aluminum droplets with water vapor. These results have certain guiding significance for its application in high energy field.

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