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Combating Emerging Infectious Diseases: Innovative Approaches for Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Published: 2023-01-24
Category: Health Care, Medicine
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This book is an authoritative guide that provides a comprehensive overview of four of the world's most prevalent and detrimental infectious diseases. The book commences by examining HPV care in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a sexually transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer. It delves into the etiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment modalities of HPV and prophylactic measures such as vaccination. Subsequently, the book dives into Monkeypox, including its signs and symptoms, precautionary measures, and future predictions of the disease. The book also examines malaria, a disease caused by a single-celled parasite of the genus Plasmodium. It provides an in-depth analysis of the treatment regimen for Plasmodium falciparum in Pakistan. In addition, this book also provides the details for antimalarial drug resistance and puts forward the strategies to re-evaluate Plasmodium falciparum orthologous genes. Finally, the book discusses poliomyelitis and the potential risk to polio eradication efforts in war-torn Afghanistan.

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