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Collaborative Learning- Based Instruction in Teaching EFL Speaking in Indonesian Higher Education

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Published: 2024-04-03
Category: New Release
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This book delves into the development of English speaking skills, a vital aspect of language acquisition. Mastering speaking skills, particularly in contexts in which English is not the predominant language, can be a daunting task. Promoting Collaborative Learning: This book champions collaborative learning strategies. Collaborative learning involves students working in groups to achieve their objectives. This approach engenders active participation, engagement, and peer interaction, which can enhance language-learning outcomes. Relevance to Indonesian Higher Education: The book has been tailored to the Indonesian higher education system. This implies that the content and strategies discussed are pertinent and applicable in the Indonesian educational context. This may address specific challenges and considerations relevant to EFL instruction in Indonesian universities or colleges. Instructional Techniques: The book is expected to present varied instructional strategies and techniques for implementing collaborative learning in EFL speaking classes. These strategies might include group discussions, role-play, collaborative projects, and other interactive activities designed to improve speaking proficiency. Evidence-Based Content: The book is likely to be grounded in research on language learning, collaborative learning, and EFL pedagogy. It may draw on theoretical frameworks and empirical studies to support its recommendations and strategies. Practical Guidance: The book may offer practical guidance for language instructors by providing tips, lesson plans, and examples of how to incorporate collaborative learning effectively into their teaching practice. This practical orientation can help instructors translate theory into classroom action. Intended Audience: The primary audience for this book are likely EFL instructors, teacher educators, and researchers interested in language teaching and learning, especially within the Indonesian higher education context.

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