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Social Capital: The Capital That Underdeveloped the Capital Territory

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Published: 2023-11-23
Category: Business and Economics
Category Finance
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Social capital in literature and socioeconomic policies seems to have been overtaken by events in the current historical epoch. This is because of the much blanket approach, which many scholars have given to the phenomenon despite its diversified appearance and impacts on the overall human socioeconomic existence. As a matter of fact, social capital is rather the shell and the smokescreen of the complicatedness of corruption in the current historical epoch and perhaps, in the near future. The complication of social capital and its fluid interaction with the definitional framework of corruption can be more visible in the socioeconomic and political inward and outward appearances of the developing nations. In Nigeria, social capital in its higher magnitude has overtaken the system such that no single government project or activity takes place from the federal to local government levels without the trajectory of social capital. While the fluid connectivity between social capital and morality has made it difficult to maintain a thin line between social capital as genuine socioeconomic agent and ethical issues in the use and control of public resources and offices, the abuse of social capital among the developing nations such as Nigeria has invariably institutionalized corruption and subverted bureaucratic institutions as well as permanently entrenched into the public institutions. In Nigeria, the entrenchment of the abuse of social capital in the socioeconomic and public institutions has permanently pushed Nigeria in the negative calibration of underdevelopment. The above raised issues were exhaustively explored in this book bringing to the global limelight, the mechanism of operation of social capital its destructive essence.

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