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Science Research Unveiled

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Published: 2024-06-06
Category: New Release
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‘Latest Trends in Applied Research’ is a comprehensive compilation that illuminates the forefront of scientific and practical advancements across various fields. This book brings together a series of expertly curated chapters, each authored by leading scholars and practitioners, to showcase the recent innovations and methodologies. Explore a diverse array of topics, from Microbial Influenced Corrosion of Mild Steel, Organic Hair Shampoo, Nanotechnology for Environmental Conservation, Stability indicating HPLC Method, Importance of Silica in Plants Life, Comparative Study of Sound Insulation Properties of Biomaterials at Different Frequencies. Chapters explore theoretical research, practical applications which are important to solve real-world problems and improve everyday life. Whether you are an academician, researcher, industry professional, or student, this book provides a valuable resource to stay well-informed of the dynamic landscape of applied science and technology. With its thorough analyses and forward-looking perspectives, this book is your gateway to understanding the trends shaping the future of applied research.  

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